Five years ago, I started this writing journey of Regal Heart magazine for women & girls. Each issue has been cultivated by prayer, faith, life experiences, and creative vision. Yet, none would be possible without God’s direction and grace.

As the Spirit of God leads, I write from my heart. I want women & girls to know they are not alone in this life journey. I remember being a young girl trying to find my way. I remember the early days of marriage and motherhood. I remember the lessons I’ve learned from my hurts, my mistakes, my relationships, and other occurences and teachings along the way. And, I am still learning new things every day. While our walks through life might not be exactly the same, we can learn and grow from sharing our stories and encouraging one another as we journey together. My hope and prayer is for our hearts to be open to everything God has for us as we connect to the things that matter most.

Happy 5th Anniversary Regal Heart magazine. I’m thankful for the milestone, prayerful for what’s next & hopeful for the future!

Sincerely, Hope

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