“And the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy you with all good things, and keep you healthy too; and you will be like a well-watered garden…” -Isaiah 58:11, TLB

Dear God,

You will always lead me and guide me. You will be sure I have everything I need – lack nothing, want for nothing. I will be fully satisfied. You will keep me healthy and strong. I will be quenched and drenched by Your ever-flowing living waters. I will be deeply rooted and grounded in You. Thank you Lord for meeting my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. You alone can satisfy me. Let my life be a display of a beautiful relationship of love from You. May I grow, bloom, and flourish as I commit and submit to follow You. Even in tough, challenging times, You are right with me. I love You God and I know You love Me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Love, H

Taken from my personal journal meditation on Isaiah 58:11 – October 15, 2015. Also featured in Regal Heart Magazine, Issue 1. Read it here.